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Environmentally Friendly Disposables

Doing Well For the World Without Hurting It.

When you order disposable mouthpieces for your Jones Satellite spirometer; everything you receive from us is recyclable. Itís true, the mouthpiece, mouthpiece bag, and even the corrugated cardboard shipping carton are all recyclable!

The patented sensor/mouthpiece design of the Satellite spirometer is a major step forward in spirometric technology; minimizing sterilization hassles, while improving testing efficiency and cost effectiveness.

In an effort to do our small part for the environment, the material that we use for the Satelliteís sensor/mouthpiece is a plastic called polystyrene; the same material CD cases are made from. The Society for the Plastics Industry (SPI) states that polystyrene is currently one of the top 6 materials in the world for recycling. Furthermore, we have recently been able to reduce the amount of plastic used in our mouthpieces by 50%.

If you have ever wondered what the numbers with the circling arrows mean on a plastic part, it is to tell you what type of plastic is used to make the part.

Recyclable Plastic - Polystyrene is the code for polystyrene. Both the SMP1 and SMP2 Satellite mouthpieces are made of polystyrene.

You can help us do our part by disposing of your used Satellite mouthpieces and mouthpiece bags in your plastics recycling bin; and place the shipping carton in your paper recycling bin. Check with your city or Local Township today to see how you can participate!

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