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Programs Utilizing Spirometry

Pharmaceutical Marketing Programs Utilizing Spirometry

Jones Medical is the only spirometry company providing both large and small scale pharmaceutical marketing and education programs involving spirometry*. From small spirometry workshops to in-depth, highly structured national sales force programs involving thousands of spirometers. With <30% of US primary care physicians providing spirometry in their offices, an enormous amount of asthma and COPD patients go undiagnosed and untreated. It is currently estimated that in the United States alone there are over 14 million undiagnosed COPD patients. We work with pharmaceutical companies to provide creative in-office programs that can incorporate both education and hands-on spirometry experience, encouraging guideline-based diagnosis, management, and treatment.

Scaled to meet your specific needs, our pharmaceutical marketing programs utilize spirometry to creatively help physicians to be more effective practitioners by increasing disease awareness and improving correct diagnosis and disease management, while expanding your role as a resource.

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Benefits Include:

  • Increased physician knowledge of disease diagnosis and management
  • Increased rep knowledge of the disease state and the role of spirometry
  • Increased awareness of disease state
  • Differentiates reps from competitors
  • Increased brand exposure
  • PhRMA compliant

Jones Medical combines extensive collaborative pharmaceutical marketing experience, equipment, and the infrastructure necessary to deliver effective and engaging programs that advance medical knowledge, improve patient care and drive business outcomes.

For more information on spirometry programs that can help meet your marketing and educational objectives, contact us today via email or by phone at 1-800-323-7336.

Pharmaceutical Consumer Screening Programs Utilizing Spirometry

"Large scale spirometry screening for COPD can be successfully performed in community settings. A large proportion of subjects with significant impairment were newly diagnosed."1

Jones Medical Instrument Company - Spirometry Starts HereThe simplicity, durability, and cost effectiveness of the Satellite/Base Station has made Jones the most commonly used spirometry system for large and small scale screening events. From community health fairs to national football, soccer, and NASCAR events, Jones Medical is the first choice for efficient trouble-free spirometry screening and support.

To see how spirometry screening can help meet your objectives, contact us today via email or at 1-800-323-7336.

* Jones Medical is the only spirometer manufacturer with the infrastructure, experience, and capacity to facilitate large scale spirometry marketing programs in the United States. The majority of spirometers marketed in the U.S. are foreign made products with a small rented office for shipping and receiving.

1 Prevalence of COPD Detected in a Community Spirometry Screening Program, Robert Cohen, M.D. Chest 2006 Slide Presentations

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