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Spirometry Systems

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The Satellite/Base Station3 Spirometry System (SBS-3B)

The Satellite3 Plus Spirometer (SA-3B Plus)

Satellite3 Spirometer - separate (SA-3B)

Base Station (B-3B)

Satellite / Base Station Supplies

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Satelite Mouthpieces - (SMP1-100) Satellite Mouthpiece/Sensors - 100 Quantity, (SMP1-500) Satellite Mouthpiece/Sensors - 500 Quantity, (SMP1-1000) Satellite Mouthpiece/Sensors - 1000 Quantity, (SMP2-100) Satellite Mouthpiece/Sensor - 100 Quantity, (SMP2-500) Satellite Mouthpiece/Sensor - 500 Quantity, (SMP2-1000) Satellite Mouthpiece/Sensor - 1000 Quantity

Satelite/Base Station Supplies - Base Station Printer Paper - 5 Rolls (BSP-5), Satellite AC Adapter/Recharger (SAT-003), Satellite Rechargeable Battery Pack (SAT-007), Satellite/Base Station User Manual (SAT-011), Noseclip Assemblies - 25 Quantity (JP-1024), Calibration Hose for Satellite - for SMP1 mouthpiece (SAT-009), and Satellite/Base Station Soft Carrying Case (SCC-100).

Software and Upgrades

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Upgrade Satellite to Latest Version - SmartPrint & SMP2 compatible (SAT-UP)

Upgrade Base Station to Latest Version (BAS-UP)

SmartPrint APC Software and Cable (SP-APC)

Calibration Devices

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3-Liter Calibration Syringe (PVS-HF3)

Flow-Volume Calibrator (FVC-3000)

Datamite / Pulmonaire Supplies

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Breathing Tube, 3 Ft. - for Pulmonaire (JP-705)

Paper Mouthpieces, 100 Quantity -for Pulmonaire (JP-1005)

Tracing Sheets, 100 Quantity - for Pulmonaire (PE-1000)

Mass Screening Kit - 1000 ea. PE1000 & JP1005 - for Pulmonaire (PE-2020)

Printer Paper, 5 Rolls - for Datamite (JP-711)

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