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The Satellite/Base Station<sup style='font-size: 9px;'>3</sup> Spirometry System (SBS-3B)

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The Satellite/Base Station3 Spirometry System (SBS-3B)

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Technical Specs
The Satellite/Base Station3 Spirometry System (SBS-3B): Details
Best Price Guarantee

Spirometry testing should be simple. You should be able to turn on your spirometer, run your test, and get on with your day.

The Satellite/Base Station3 allows you to do just that by providing the fastest test speed, the fastest print speed, and the lowest cost per test! The flexibility and ease-of-use of the cordless, handheld Satellite spirometer combined with the power and speed of the Base Station are just a few reasons why more health care providers rely on the Satellite/Base Station than any other spirometer.

The new Satellite/Base Station3 will add a whole new dimension to your diagnostic protocol and a higher level of care to your patients, while minimizing your costs.

We can have you and your staff confidently providing spirometry in your office this week!

Features include:

  • Handheld, cordless unit weighs only 1 pound, eliminating tubing, cables, etc.
  • Full 3 year parts and labor warranty
  • Fully reimbursable
  • Complete printout in 8 seconds
  • Utilizes the least expensive disposable sensor available, saving hundreds every year in disposable costs
  • Lifetime technical support and software upgrades; eliminates product obsolescence
  • Optional SmartPrintAPC software offers seamless printing to standard 8.5 x 11 printers and EMR compatibility
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Environmentally friendly & hygienic
  • Designed, manufactured, and supported in the USA

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Jones has always been known for the best spirometers and support. Now we also guarantee the Best Price.

The Satellite/Base Station3 Spirometry System (SBS-3B): Technical Specs

Satellite/Base Station Technical Specifications
Flow Detection Principle
Multi-staged, fixed orifice disposable transducer
Volume Range
0-15 liters BTPS
Flow Range
0-14 liters per second
Maximum Test Duration
0-30 seconds
Volume ± 3% or 50ml whichever is greater
Flow ± 5% or 0.20 l/sec whichever is greater
Graphic Specifications
Volume –axis size = 12mm/L (BTPS)
Time-axis size = 21mm/sec
Supertwist LCD, 16 characters x 4 rows
Power Supply
Satellite: 9 volt, 6 AA rechargeable batteries in series
Base Station:  120V 60 Hz
Performance Standards
Meets or exceeds the requirements of ATS, ACCP, AAMI, OSHA/NIOSH
4.5” wide Thermal
Print Speed
Prints full report in approximately 7 seconds
Memory Capacity
200 patient records
Satellite:  3.75”(w) x 7.5”(h) x 2.0”(d)
Base Station : 10.75”(w) x 3.0”(h) x 9.0”(d)
Satellite:  1lb 4 oz.
Base Station: 4.7lb.
3 years parts and labor
Lifetime Technical Support
Lifetime Software Upgrades
Fully Reimbursable
Made in the United States

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