EMR Ready Capabilities

Getting Connected

Whether your practice currently utilizes an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system or you’re still considering their pros and cons, when you’re ready to begin importing your spirometry records, we can help.

Physicians looking at EMR

The Satellite spirometer provides the benefits of a dedicated spirometer (ease-of-use, speed, portability, and efficiency) and the capability to send spirometry records to your EMR. When compared to a dedicated spirometer, PC based spirometers are not as efficient in a physician’s office, simply because they are tethered to a PC. Do you really want to bring your asthma patient from the exam room, down the hall, to the office where your PC is located? What if somebody else is working on the PC? What if the PC is down? The more inconvenient your spirometer is, the less your staff will use it.

The Satellite spirometer with our SmartPrintAPC software provides you the convenience and efficiency of a dedicated spirometer with the capability to easily import records into your EMR system!

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