Get a $600.00 Trade-in Allowance for your Koko Spirometer Today!

If you have a KoKo spirometer or nSpire spirometer and need supplies, support or service, you may have heard by now that nSpire Health is no longer in business.

We’re here to help.

If your Koko or nSpire spirometer no longer works or requires service, we can get you up and running quickly by helping you identify the best replacement spirometer to suit your needs, provide a $600.00 Trade-in Allowance and include the peace-of-mind that comes with a full 3-Year Parts & Labor Warranty.

We understand that an easy-to-use, reliable and maintenance-free spirometer is an important tool for your practice. Having supported our products and customers for over 100 years, Jones Medical has more spirometry experience than anyone in the industry.

Take Your Pick!

Satellite Plus



If you’re currently using the Koko SX spirometer, the Satellite Plus is a perfect replacement.



Satellite/Base Station Image Right Border

Satellite/Base Station




If you have a Koko Legend spirometer, you’ll love the convenience of the Satellite/Base Station Spirometry System.




While you’re here, take a quick look around our website and you’ll see why Jones spirometers last longer than most spirometry companies. Compare our products, pricing and support to any competitor and you’ll agree. We Guarantee It!

Call us today at 800-323-7336 and rest assured you’ll have the best spirometer and support for many years to come!


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