3-Liter Calibration Syringe (PVS-HF3) – includes Lifetime Warranty!


The 3-liter calibration syringe is recognized as a standard for the validation and calibration of spirometry equipment. The new Jones Precision Volume 3-liter syringe is individually handcrafted to the highest quality, precision, and durability to satisfy your quality assurance demands. The only spirometric calibration syringe on the market backed by a Lifetime Workmanship Warranty.

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Jones Medical may be best known for our spirometry accomplishments, but we have also designed and manufactured spirometric calibration syringes longer than anyone in the world.

If there is one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that spirometry calibration syringes take a surprising amount of abuse. Although it may appear that all calibration syringes are the same, they’re not. Ask any pulmonary lab or occupational health testing company and they’ll tell you about a syringe that fell off a table or was dropped. When this happens, in the field it is virtually impossible to determine if syringe accuracy was affected. The syringe may look fine, but if it now leaks, your validation and calibration results could be compromised. Since most manufactures only provide a 1- year warranty, it isn’t uncommon for a typical calibration syringe to require repair or replacement.

Our new 3-Liter Calibration Syringe (PVS-HF3) is individually handcrafted to the highest standards and is so durable that we offer a Lifetime Warranty. In other words, we’ve got you covered. When used as intended, this should be the only 3-liter calibration syringe you ever need.

  • Syringe tubing manufactured from high quality 304 Stainless Steel and clear-coated for maximum consistency and durability
  • Syringe shaft extruded from high quality 6061-t6 aluminum alloy
  • Tapered nose cone adapts to the widest range of fittings, 1.0″ to 1.5″
  • Accuracy of 0.5% or 15ml, meeting all recognized standards
  • Syringe feet promote stable and accurate operation
  • Traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Dimensions: 4.25″ (w) x 26″ (L)
  • Quick Start Operating Guide conveniently placed on product label
  • Warranty: Lifetime Workmanship Warranty
  • Designed, manufactured, and supported in the U.S.A.