Our Customers....Their Comments

Thomas Told, DO

Past President, American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians

"As a rural physician I realize the importance of making accurate diagnosis and using only evidence based methods, because my patients have to drive many miles to seek my care. I recently took a spirometry course to better treat my COPD and Asthma patients. I became acquainted with the Jones Satellite Spirometer and found it up to the task of a busy rural practice. My staff find it very portable and easy to use, and I enjoy the reliability and accuracy of the instrument. I have now gained a new level of confidence in managing my respiratory patients, and fewer end up making that second trip to town because I under treated or over treated their condition. I would recommend a Jones Spirometer to anyone wishing to put pulmonary function tests into their practice."

 Lynn Nichols, M.D.

“I started using a Jones Satellite handheld spirometer in my pulmonary clinic and in health fairs about 6 months ago and could not be happier with the performance of this valuable piece of equipment! I have compared it many times against our $50,000+ spirometers and it is completely reliable and much more convenient. It is also very easy to train staff in the proper use of this intuitive device. Most importantly, putting this unit in the hands of primary care providers will greatly improve diagnosis and outcomes for countless numbers of patients.”

Harold Hedges III, M.D.

"I must tell you that I am very pleased with Jones Medical Instrument Company and the Satellite Spirometer and Base Station. It arrived several days ahead of your "estimated time of arrival." It was delivered about 10 AM, by noon I had done two tests on myself, one on one of our nurses and two studies on patients currently smoking. As advertised, it can be used right out of the box by any physician with basic knowledge and use of spirometry. For practices with no previous experience with spirometry, your accompanying instructions/manual are very clear and concise. They could be up and running in hours and not days or weeks.

Heretofore, I would order spirometry, my nurse would have to blend into her already busy tasks of going down the hall for the spirometer, (hoping it would be there and not being in use) bring it to the exam room, explain and run three tests, take the spirometer back to its computer hook up, print the report and bring it back to the exam room. This process took 10 to 12 minutes at least, sometimes longer. Having the Satellite and Base Station at her desk central to our 4 exam rooms has increased our efficiency and ability to test patients who need spirometry. Many times I have skipped ordering spirometry when she or I was too busy or behind. No more. If I sense she is too busy, I have learned to walk out, pick up the Satellite, turn it on, input the necessary parameters, instruct the patient, test the patient, print the report and be giving the patient the info in about 5 minutes.

I work in a free clinic several days a month and am now able to carry the Satellite and Base Station to the clinic in order to test the many smokers that I encounter there. (It seems the more destitute the patient, the more likely they are smokers....they use their money for cigarettes rather than food or medicine.) They do understand Lung Age and hopefully by being told "by a machine," they will stop their smoking or at least cut back.

I am a speaker on COPD and push for spirometry being a vital sign for all smokers. It is feasible with the Satellite and Base Station."

Raymond Stevens, M.D.

“With sincere gratitude to the staff at Jones Medical Instrument Company for the outstanding personal and technical assistance during an immediate crisis in February and over the years of servicing and counseling our technologically challenged staff. We are a small office of three; the physician, our biller and office assistant, and myself. We obviously do not contribute substantially to your business; however we sing your praises whenever possible to others for future consideration.
I am grateful for the ability to communicate with a live, breathing fellow human who brings the essence of true life experiences, economics, and advanced medical technology to the benefit of our patients. You continue to exceed our expectations in every aspect of your business profession.”

Hans Weil, M.D.

Past President - American Thoracic Society

"I attended the Chest Clinic of Hendersonville last week. I was very impressed with the Jones Satellite/Base Station3 Spirometry System. It was extremely user-friendly, had good patient acceptance and provided useful information in patients who were being followed for chronic lung disease. The flow detection system does the job very well. Long a believer in office and clinical spirometry for this purpose, I was none-the-less pleasantly surprised at the advances that Jones has made in spirometry portability and reliability. I started using Jones spirometers in the 1970's, and although the earlier models got the job done, as the saying goes; this is "not your father's spirometer."

Renee Lantner, M.D.

"I have been impressed with the professionalism and personal customer service demonstrated by Jones Medical. There is clear pride exhibited by this fine company that the Jones family started. Not only do they sell products, but they know the science and history behind what they sell. Our spirometer worked beautifully from the start, but when we had questions related to learning all the fine details, we heard back very promptly each time, whether it was a materials question or a mechanical one. I am very pleased we are working with Jones Medical."

Martin Fritzhand, M.D.

"I  bought my first Jones spirometer (the Pulmonor) in 1973 and have been doing business with Jones Medical ever since. A great company with immediate backup when needed. Bought my current Jones Satellite spirometers from the third generation Jones. No change in their friendliness, excellent technical support and responsiveness. I've done thousands of pulmonary studies  thanks to Jones Medical and their well-trained courteous employees."