Spirometry: Ranked Second Most Popular Ancillary Service.

Ancillary services are an important way for physicians to drive revenue while improving care. The new Medical Economics 2020 Annual Physicians Report asked physicians which ancillary services they provided and how much revenue they generated. The survey revealed that Spirometry was the 3rd highest ranking ancillary service with ECG testing remaining first. When compared to spirometry, ECG equipment costs more and the procedure is reimbursed about 50% less…demonstrating that spirometry likely provides a better return-on-investment.

Referring out spirometry patients results in lost revenue and time for the practice. It also inconveniences the patient and likely adds an additional co-pay.

Spirometry testing is easy, can be provided by a physician or office staff, and is not subject to CLIA requirements. Learn how to quickly and economically integrate spirometry testing into your practice, call us today at 1-800-323-7336.


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