Why should I buy a Jones spirometer?

Spirometry companies tend to come and go quickly. If you’ve purchased a spirometer from one of these companies you know the feeling of being left high & dry; no repairs, no support, and no supplies. With Jones Medical, you can rest assured knowing that our spirometers last longer than most spirometer companies.

Here are the facts:

Best product: The Satellite Plus and Satellite/Base Station spirometers from Jones are the easiest-to-use systems available; providing accurate, maintenance-free, patient friendly operation. Our product reliability is second to none.

Jones customer service Person

Best customer service: A major benefit often overlooked when considering a spirometer purchase is the post-sale support that we provide to keep your investment working for you. Should you have any questions, our knowledgeable customer support staff is a toll-free phone call away. And when you call with a question, you get an answer, not a voice message like our competitors. Read our testimonials and see why your colleagues rely on Jones spirometers.

Best support: Obsolescence isn’t in our vocabulary. We may no longer market some of the groundbreaking Jones spirometers such as the Pulmonor, Datamatic, and Datamite; but we support, repair, and still provide supplies for Jones products that were designed over 60 years ago!

Best value: The Satellite3 and Satellite/Base Station3 are the most cost-efficient spirometers available. The inexpensive disposable sensor design will save hundreds of dollars every year in disposable costs when compared to our competitors.

Jones Medical Headquarters

Best company: We know spirometry better than anyone else because it’s all we do. We don’t divide our engineering time between spirometry and ECG’s, CO monitors, or exam tables. Consequently, we designed the first waterless spirometer, the first computerized spirometer, the first interpretive spirometer, and the first hand-held spirometer. Choosing the right spirometer company is as important as choosing the right spirometer. Jones has been providing superior technology and support to our customers for over 100 years; longer than any other spirometry company in the world.

Made in the U.S.A.: All Jones Medical spirometers are designed, manufactured, supported, and repaired in the United States; providing jobs and benefits to American employees and their families. Try finding one of our competitors who can make that claim.


If you’re thinking about spirometry, who better to rely on than the people who’ve been there from the beginning? We’ve been supporting the spirometry needs of health care providers for three generations. Put our experience and insight to work for you.

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